NYT Connections: hints and answers for Sunday, July 7

Meet Connections, the New York Times’ latest addictive puzzle game! Your mission? Sort 16 words into four secret categories by figuring out how they’re related. The puzzle refreshes every night at midnight and each one offers a unique challenge. Just like Wordle, you can keep track of your winning streak and see how you stack up against your friends.


How to Play Connections

In Connections, you’ll face a grid of 16 words. Your goal is to organize these words into four groups of four based on their hidden connections. These connections might be anything from video game franchises to book series, shades of red, or chain restaurant names.

Some words may seem like they fit multiple themes, but there’s only one right answer. You can shuffle and rearrange the grid to better see potential connections.

Each group has a color code:

  • Yellow: Easiest
  • Green: Moderate
  • Blue: Hard
  • Purple: Trickiest

To play, pick four words you think are connected and hit submit. If correct, they’ll be removed, and the theme will be revealed. Make a wrong guess and it counts as a mistake—you get four mistakes before the game ends.


Hints for Today’s NYT Connections

Need a boost? We’ve got today’s themes and even a word from each group to help you out.

Today’s Themes:

  1. Change States of Matter
  2. Replacement
  3. Slangy Names for Professions
  4. Mariah Carey Number One Hits

One-word Reveals:

  • Change States of Matter: CONDENSE
  • Replacement: ALTERNATE
  • Slangy Names for Professions: COPPER
  • Mariah Carey Number One Hits: FANTASY


Today’s NYT Connections Answers

Still stuck? No worries! Here are today’s answers:

  • Change States of Matter: CONDENSE, FREEZE, MELT, VAPORIZE
  • Slangy Names for Professions: COPPER, HACK, SHRINK, SUIT
  • Mariah Carey Number One Hits: FANTASY, HERO, HONEY, SOMEDAY

Remember, each day brings a new puzzle, so if today’s was tough, come back tomorrow for another chance to crack the Connections.