Nintendo Switch 2 release expected in 2025

Nintendo Switch 2 release delayed to 2025, potential unveiling in March, rumored specs suggest a powerful upgrade, and anticipation builds for launch titles like Metroid Prime 4.

For gamers eagerly anticipating the arrival of Nintendo’s next-generation handheld console, 2024 might bring disappointment. Initial whispers of a late 2024 release for the Nintendo Switch 2 have proven overly optimistic, with recent reports now suggesting a postponement to 2025. Publications like VGC and Eurogamer are speculating a debut in the first quarter of 2025, marking a significant wait for those hoping to upgrade their current consoles.

A next-generation NVIDIA Tegra processor could power the console, potentially unlocking features like real-time ray tracing for enhanced visuals. Additionally, an 8-inch display is speculated, offering a larger and more immersive gaming experience compared to the original Switch’s 6.2-inch screen.


While Nintendo itself remains tight-lipped about the product’s official name, industry insiders believe an unveiling could occur in March 2025, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the original Switch. This timeline allows for a possible announcement later in 2024, followed by an early 2025 release window. This strategic delay could prove beneficial, granting game developers valuable extra time to polish their upcoming titles. Anticipation is particularly high for potential launch-day releases like the highly anticipated “Metroid Prime 4.”

It’s worth noting that the current Nintendo Switch continues to enjoy remarkable success, consistently outperforming even the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series S/X in global sales. Recognizing the continued demand for their flagship console, Nintendo has strategically released two additional variants in recent years. The Switch Lite caters to budget-conscious consumers with its compact, affordable design, while the OLED version offers a premium experience with a vibrant OLED screen. These strategic moves have solidified the Switch’s position as a dominant force in the gaming industry, demonstrating Nintendo’s understanding of its diverse audience.

Currently, Nintendo does not officially sell its consoles in India, but they are readily available through online and offline retailers at slightly inflated prices. The original Switch launched in 2017 for $299.99, with the OLED version costing $349.99. While pricing for the Switch 2 remains unknown, it’s safe to assume a premium over its predecessor.

In conclusion, while the Nintendo Switch 2’s delayed arrival might sting, it ultimately presents an opportunity for a more polished and impactful launch. With more development time for key titles and the potential for a robust launch lineup, the wait could be well worth it for both gamers and developers alike.