Helldivers 2 achieves high popularity amidst server issues

Helldivers 2 enjoys massive popularity on PlayStation 5 and PC, reaching 330,000 concurrent players, and surpassing big names on Steam and Twitch. The developer actively works on fixing technical problems while players praise the game’s core gameplay.

Helldivers 2, the intergalactic action sequel from Arrowhead Game Studios, has taken the gaming world by storm in its first ten days. Launched simultaneously on PlayStation 5 and PC, the game has rocketed to fourth place on Steam’s most-played titles list, boasting a peak concurrent player count of 330,000. This impressive feat eclipses established heavyweights like Baldur’s Gate 3, Destiny 2, Starfield, and even Halo Infinite. However, despite its meteoric rise, Helldivers 2’s journey hasn’t been entirely smooth.

Server instability and network problems have become an unfortunate hallmark of the experience, disrupting playthroughs and leaving players frustrated. The issue persists over ten days after launch, casting a shadow on the otherwise positive reception.


The developers, thankfully, haven’t remained idle. Acknowledging the concerns of the passionate player base, Arrowhead Game Studios issued a recent statement emphasizing their efforts: “Despite our best efforts to increase server capacity to accommodate all of you who want to dive for Freedom, we are experiencing capacity issues. We are once more working without delay to improve the issue and we hope to have a fix in place as soon as possible. Thank you.”

On one hand, the game has demonstrably captured the hearts and imaginations of players, achieving impressive viewership and garnering widespread acclaim. On the other hand, the technical hurdles significantly impede the overall experience, potentially alienating players and hindering long-term engagement.

Despite the technical hurdles, Helldivers 2’s core gameplay continues to resonate with players. Online communities buzz with positive feedback, highlighting the game’s thrilling action, strategic depth, and immersive atmosphere. Its captivating narrative and engaging cooperative elements have garnered significant acclaim, propelling it to the forefront of the gaming conversation.

This positive sentiment extends beyond its dedicated player base, with Helldivers 2 currently outpacing popular titles like Escape from Tarkov, Dota 2, and Skull and Bones on Twitch – no small feat, considering it’s a Sunday morning broadcast.