Dead Island 2 makes a silent debut on Xbox Game Pass

Dead Island 2, the critically acclaimed zombie action game, has been shadowdropped onto Xbox Game Pass and a potential resurgence for both game and service.

Dead Island 2, the long-awaited sequel to the popular 2011 zombie action game, has quietly appeared on Xbox Game Pass. This unexpected addition comes just weeks after Microsoft announced a range of new titles joining the subscription service, including Tales of Arise and the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Dead Island 2 throws players into a sun-drenched Californian paradise overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. The game’s core gameplay loop revolves around visceral action, as players mow down hordes of undead using a variety of weapons and abilities.


Critics praised the sequel for its solid visuals, impressive draw distance, and attention to detail, particularly in its diverse zombie models. While some minor physics glitches were noted, the overall experience was lauded for its chaotic fun and immersive atmosphere.

The decision to add Dead Island 2 to Xbox Game Pass holds significant potential for both the game and the subscription service. From the game’s perspective, joining Game Pass exposes it to a vast new audience, potentially reigniting interest and boosting its player base. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, Dead Island 2 offers an exciting new addition to their library, further solidifying the service’s reputation for providing a diverse and engaging lineup of titles.

It’s worth noting that Dead Island 2 isn’t the first game to receive a surprise launch on Xbox Game Pass. In recent months, titles like Midnight Fight Express and OlliOlli World have followed similar paths, generating positive buzz and attracting new players. This strategy appears to be paying dividends for Microsoft, showcasing the service’s commitment to offering unexpected and delightful gaming experiences.

The news of Dead Island 2’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass is particularly intriguing given the lack of any prior announcement from either Microsoft or the game’s publisher, Plaion/Deep Silver. This “shadow drop” approach, while unconventional, has piqued the interest of gamers.