Xbox reveals new digital-only consoles and a bigger Xbox Series X

Xbox has officially unveiled all-digital versions of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, along with a brand-new Xbox Series X model boasting 2TB of storage.

Last year, the gaming world buzzed with rumors after “Project Brooklin” leaked during the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) trial. This project hinted at an all-new digital console featuring faster Wi-Fi, a redesign, and more. However, the recent announcement aligns more with the traditional console cycle, introducing digital versions midway through the product’s lifespan rather than launching an entirely new project. These digital consoles seem to be a streamlined version of the rumored Project Brooklin.


New Console Lineup and Pricing

A post on Xbox Wire details the pricing and additional information about Xbox’s holiday hardware lineup:

  • Xbox Series S Digital 1TB in Robot White: $350
  • Xbox Series X Digital 1TB in Robot White: $450
  • Xbox Series X Special Edition 2TB in Galaxy Black: $600

As always, Xbox loves to showcase their hardware in high-definition trailers. If you’re a fan of examining the latest consoles up close, don’t miss the trailer below.


Xbox Launch and Availability

All three consoles are set to launch for the 2024 holiday season.


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Preorders and Availability

Preorders and regional market availability for these consoles are coming soon. While no additional details have been provided yet, Xbox will need to release this information promptly to meet the holiday launch schedule.

Stay tuned for more updates as the launch date approaches!