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Pixel phones to get first access to customisation features; other Android users will have to wait

Google I/O 2021: Android 14 mainly focuses on ecosystem, introduces new features for Pixel smartphones

At Google I/O 2021, the world was expecting big announcements regarding Android 14, but the company mainly focused on the Android ecosystem. However, there were a few features for Pixel smartphones that will debut in the next iteration of the mobile operating system. According to a statement by Google, these features will be powered by the company’s advances in generative AI technology and will help users transform the look and feel of their device across messages, lock screen, wallpaper, and more.

Magic Compose in Messages
One of the new features for Pixel smartphones is Magic Compose, a new Messages by Google feature that uses generative AI to help users choose a response from the suggested options based on the context of their messages. The options include different tones of messages, such as concise, professional or even “written like Shakespeare himself!” Magic Compose rolls out in beta this summer.

Night Mode support for social media apps
Google will bring support for Night Mode and 10-bit HDR video in social apps like Instagram. Additionally, Google will introduce Ultra HDR in Android 14. The company aims to provide more advanced features to Pixel devices, while other Android users may have to wait for these customisation features.

Lock screen and wallpaper customisation
Google is expanding personalisation options for Android smartphones with the Material You theme. With Android 14 launching later this year, users will be able to customise their lock screen with new shortcuts, clocks, and a new monochrome colour theme. Furthermore, Google will roll out emoji wallpapers first to Pixel devices next month. Users can customise their devices using emoji combinations, patterns, and colours. There is also a Cinematic wallpaper option that uses on-device machine learning networks to transform photos into 3D images. Users can also create a wallpaper with generative AI.