4 most dangerous hackers in the world of all time

Check out our list of most dangerous hackers that shook the world with their hacking.


The world of hacking originated in the year 1970. It was during that time computers became a huge name and then gradually personal computers became a trend so did the hacking.
Though as of now there are various hackers around the world which come from different origins and history they all share a common theme of having addictiveness for technology. So let’s not wait anymore and get down to some of the best hackers known in history.

Most dangerous hackers worldwide:

Kevin Mitnick

One of the renowned names in the world of hacking, significantly American hacking. He started with his significant aspect when he was a teen. It has been denoted that in 1982 he hacked North America’s Defence command. He was even known to hack a Digital Equipment corporation in 1989. Though one thing to note is that throughout his profession not once he exploited through the data or analytics he conjured.

Adrian Lamo

A 21 year old facilitated a fake content management tool specified some changes in the Reuters writeup and formulated a false allocation to the former Attorney Journal. He often hacked into databases then alerted the press and his victims both. It was in 2002 when got into the base of the New York Times and specified himself in the list of expert sources and started searching on high profile cases.

Michael Calce

In February 2000, a 15-year-old teen known as mafia boy took on the bases of University networks and together combining their stats to hack into the biggest search engines of all times Yahoo. Then he further bought down to Dell, eBay, CNN and Amazon using a high tech service engine to jarred the corporate servers.


This hacker is known to be publically unknown, unlike others. Though he was anticipated by the authorities once that too as a 58-year-old Greek mathematician. According to reports he has been known to break into the Dassault group. During which took out cutting out edge technology software and then sold it off to 250 individuals. This cost the company a disruption of 360 million.

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