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Khabriya collaborates with JioAds to help reporters monetize their content

Khabriya collaborates with Jio to help reporters monetize their content.


In yet another effort to financially empower its content creators, Khabriya, a leading hyperlocal news app that gives voice to commoners and fuels their passion for reporting, has taken a major step forward.

The company’s founder, Sandeep Singh, recently made the formal announcement that Khabriya has collaborated with Jio for advertisements, which will be flashed during the news videos. “With Khabriya, any content creator can earn a handsome amount by posting content of substance. A part of the revenue generated from these advertisements will be paid to the content creator. This step will not only help reporters and journalists to monetize their content but also encourage more locals to bring forth the news of their area or community, thereby increasing the platform’s reach.”

Sandeep calls it a fruitful partnership as Khabriya and Jio’s goals mirror each other on many levels. “In this age of video content, Jio is expanding to offer video ads so as to target consumers in local areas. Khabriya, on the other hand, serves less-known areas as well as rural India in general. The partnership will be mutually beneficial for both the companies as well as their target audiences and users.”


India’s most-used location based news platform, Khabriya has not only catered to the needs of people across the country but has also blurred the language divide by offering the latest news in every local language. Anyone from any part of the country can record videos concerning any issue of their area and report it in the news format for people to see.

Since there is no language bar, new people from the farthest lands are joining the platform every single day. At present, the app is available in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya-Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal and Odisha, but the company is working to expand it further so that the user never misses any local update from trusted reporters and sources.