Government planning to ban 275 Chinese apps, Includes PUBG, AliExpress in the list

Government of India is examining 275 Chinese apps over security and data privacy concerns. Amongst these apps are the widely used PubG and AliExpress, the fate of who remains in the hands of the state.


After the unprecedented ban on 59 Chinese apps in India, the government is planning to ban 275 more apps. As per the Economic Times, the government has curated a list of 275 mobile apps which allegedly pose a threat to the national security of the country.

“The government may ban all, some or none from the list”, stated a government official, as per a statement in Economic Times.

The apps, amongst this list, would be examined by the government authorities to check for any breach of privacy or violation of security norms. The apps which are on government’s radar include the infamous gaming app PubG, Xiomi’s Zili, Alibaba’s AliExpress.

“Some of these apps have been red-flagged due to security reasons while others have been listed for violation of data sharing and privacy concerns”, quoted an official in a statement to Economic Times.

Amongst the apps facing a ban from India is the Helsinki based Supercell, which has investments in technology companies in the mainland. It is reported that the Chinese company Tencent bough the majority stake in the gaming company Supercell, last year.

As reported by Economic Times, the government of India is planning to formalize the process of banning such apps and the concerned ministry is underway designing the process, norms and regulations. The concerned ministry has also been asked to begin scrutinizing these apps and a law or a circular would be in motion soon. “A set of rules or defined procedures may take take time but it is the correct process to go about it in future”, quoted a senior government official.

This move by the government comes a few weeks after the country imposed a nation-wide ban on  59 Chinese mobile apps over the same concerns. Amongst these apps were the widely used TikTok and CamScanner which had the largest customer base in India.

The Economic Times also reports that the gaming app PubG has the maximum users in India. With over 175 million installs to date, the app recorded 24% of its total users in India.

This sentiment has been spreading widely across the world as the US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo announced, early this month, that US is also looking at banning Chinese mobile apps like TikTok. The United States has had a diplomatic feud with China, accusing the country of being responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak.

At the same time, issues at the border have been escalating between India and China since June 15. Even after the continuous efforts for disengagement, the countries have not been able to reach to a conclusion through diplomacy.

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