Best alternatives for Google Play Store; From Ebooks, PDFs to softwares you can download anything for free now!

Why limit yourself with paid applications from Google Play Store, here are the best alternatives for you to download just about anything…

Android Market for applications is widely dominated by Google Play Store. While this application is pre-installed in your brand new smartphone, downloading a few apps can be a pricey affair for some.

Well, you must be bored of looking at the paid apps developed by Google! Do you seek an alternative? You are definitely in the right place; and here are the best alternatives to the ‘Play Store’.

(Disclaimer: Kindly note that these applications are illegal and should only be used for trial purposes only. Also, we do not recommend or encourage using second-party applications. The following list is only for educational purposes and written just for illustration. We are not responsible for whatever you do with your knowledge and whatever consequence you face. Piracy is a crime and we don’t encourage it. We respect the app developers and suggest you to buy the apps from Google Play instead.)

Best alternatives for Google Play Store:


It is also known as the king of the android market and the best store to download nearly all free and paid apps. The app is also highly customized and user-friendly, having categorical divisions of Android Apps just like you see on the Play Store. Blackmarket also allows a variety of sorting options allowing you to select the best for your smartphone.

1Mobile Market:

1Mobile Market relatively boasts a big collection of paid and free apps and new apps are added there manually. The application is available on Google Play too, but that version is comparatively different giving limited access to only free apps and always redirects you to Google Play to download them.

We are actually talking about the secret version of it available exclusively on their website and inside the lite version as a free upgrade. Once you download this version, you will get rid of all the limitations. You can browse paid apps and download them directly to your device.

Mobogenie Market:

Mobogenie is slightly similar to 1Mobile. It had a lite version on Google Play and a pro version with additional features until a few months ago. But, it was removed from Google Play as it violated numerous policies. Currently, the full version is available on the Mobogenie website only.

Apart from applications, Mobogenie also offers you paid ebooks for free, paid music for free, paid movies for free, and also allows you to download youtube videos to your device. It also includes a built-in file manager and junk cleaner. Basically, it is an all-in-one package.


Yet another app that serves all your needs. The app lacks proper coding, making it difficult for users to find and not so user-friendly. Despite its shortcomings, it is still one of the best applications because it keeps nearly all versions of the app, apart from the current update. So, if you need to downgrade an app to its earlier version, this app is the best app for that.

Downloading a file can be rather complex. The APK files are uploaded by many app team members, and they keep adding it as soon as newer updates are released. This also makes it easy to find newly updated apps.

4Shared (Free/Pro):

4Shared is quite famous to search and download just about anything. The application hosts an excellent catalogue and apart from the free/paid android apps, it also offers windows softwares, pictures, videos, music, pdf files, ebooks, and a lot of other stuff.

The files here are uploaded by the users only and shared over the 4shared cloud with the other users.

This app is also legal and available as a download on Google Play Store. This is because the app does not promote piracy in general, it publicly hosts the files uploaded by users and makes them available throughout the cloud.

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