1,000 users can now participate as viewers in group video calls on Telegram

The IM software has said that it will keep increasing the limit.

Messaging app Telegram has launched “Group Video Calls 2.0” where 1,000 users will be able to participate in group video calls. However, only 30 users can broadcast from their cameras and screens while others can view it.

Furthermore, this update enhances the quality of video messages along with permitting users to record and send high resolution videos and play it in full-screen. Users will be able to view regular videos with playback speeds of 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x. Android phones can even support 0.2x speed.


Regarding iOS, a new camera app has been integrated to be able to switch to the zoom or wide cameras for clicking a picture directly on the platform.

The option of screen sharing has been introduced to one-on-one calls and includes the sound from the device of the user while broadcasting in a video call.

The app will allow audio files to play even while recording video messages. It has also launched timestamp links where users can press and hold on a timestamp in a message to copy the link and share it in another chat. When tapped on the timestamp, the video will begin from that point.

Features like auto-delete after a month, precision drawing, passcode animations, password recovery and reminders will be made available too.