What is Google Translate: Know its pros and cons

Google Translate is a revolutionary translation system launched in 2006. After its discovery, the field of translation has divided into two parts:- use Google Translate or hire a professional translator. Like any invention in the world, Google Translate has some pros as well as cons.

Let us see what are the pros and cons of Google Translate.



The biggest benefit of Google Translate is that it’s completely free to use. That is why students use Google Translate for assignments even if the teachers prohibits. It is quick also. You don’t need to wait for a sufficient amount of time and make sure that the translaters to submit within deadline. Unlike many other translating tools, Google Translate is easy to use. You can operate it from anywhere with your mobile.


Google Translate has some serious disadvantages also. It should not be used for professional translation because many a times it’s reported that confidential data gets disclosed when translated via Google Translate. It’s not accurate for less common languages or even less common phrases of common language.
If you have an urgent requirement of translating a piece that doesn’t need to be fully accurate, you have no other option than using Google Translate. Suppose you are in a new place and know nothing about the local language, make Google Translate your best friend. But if you are to translate official documents, where not a single mistake is admissible, you should rely on a professional translater.