Understanding the ban of PUBG by Govt of India

Indian government (Ministry of Information and Technology) has banned 118 mobile application including  game PUBG  ( which has over billions of potential Indian users ) to ensure the cyber safety of our nation . As the news of 118 Chinese applications ban is spreading like wild fire, the gamers mainly the PUBG fans are frightened. Here is the things you need to know if you are a PUBG fan.

Many questions are arising among the users, ‘Is PUBG still working?’ and  ‘Can I still play PUBG?’ if these questions are arriving in your mind then don’t worry we have got you covered.
Here is our opinion, basically Government has banned the updates and downloads of PUBG application but there no news or information regarding the existing users (i.e. from now on people won’t be able to download or update their application but the people who are already using it, won’t be affected).


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