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The COVID-19 effect with Nathan Khider

It goes without saying, the world is a different place for millions of people around the world. We spoke to Nathan Khider, multiple business owner and investor to find out why he created ‘The COVID-19 Effect’ account and how it has affected him and those around him.

Nathan Khider says “COVID-19 has affected me mentally, physically and financially in a big way. It’s true, I am a very positive person and I always try to look on the positive side of life however it has certainly still affected me. When it was announced that there was to be a national lockdown, my first thoughts were ‘how can I keep life as normal as possible for myself and those around me?’ The truth was I couldn’t, as no one had ever experienced this before, so then I wanted to use the downtime to my advantage and see how I could help and inspire those around the world to stay positive. No matter how bad things are for you, there is always someone worse off”.

“I started out by identifying those who could do with my help and support by raising money for Women’s Aid. I did this by selling T-Shirts with exclusive designs from some amazing artists such as MJ Hiblen and Alec Monopoly. We raised over £500 in our first week which doesn’t seem a lot but it made a difference. We also donated 80% of our profits to NHS heroes from the sales of our other clothing ranges and raffles which we ran.”, Nathan Khider added.

Speaking about experiences during COVID-19 situation he said, “At the same time, I was running The COVID-19 effect account which was a platform for people to share their experiences both good and bad of this horrible situation and the reason why I wanted to share this was because no matter who we are or how successful we are, we have all been affected in one way or another. I interviewed everyone from Doctors to Multimillionaires and all of which had been affected in the same way – mentally, physically and financially but the difference was the mentality of how they dealt with the effects they were facing. Burying your head in the sand isn’t going to help you or anyone, you have to take action, you have to do the work that matters, role up your sleeves, dig deep and do the inner work. We are lucky that this happened in a time when it’s easy to communicate with others. So many people wanted to share and offer help by offering free online health classes, podcasts, online forums for support, food and money donations. COVID-19 has affected me, but again I’m glad to have experienced this as it’s the tough times that make us stronger.”