Successful businesswoman Maria Kazi aces the art of managing employees to fullest

It is essential to have a team for accomplishing an assignment, endeavour or operating a business. But what does a team stand for? What are the ways to utilize the team better? Does emotional speeches, promotion and benefits get the max output from an employee? Well some entrepreneurs believe and do it differently.

Maria Kazi is one such businesswomen. She really knows numerous implements to utilize the employees to their greatest productivity and keeping them alive by escalating their own career and aptitude levels.


Everyone wants to work with people who are competent, motivated, and productive. But recruiting and retaining good employees does not happen by chance, and it is a mistake to assume that someone else is taking care of personnel issues. As a businesswoman, whether you are in solo procedure or in a group with hundreds of employees, you can and should play a key role in workforce management to promote your business plans.

There is an art that Maria has mastered over the period of time to handle each employee with individual strategy. She is wonderful with her tactics as she never lets the employ feel that there is a special process, she has opted for each one of them. Yet she is administering all her instruments, team associates effectively using exclusive handling methods.

Maria believes there is a ladder between the employee and the employer. It is the entrepreneur who shall has the ability to use the ladder for the benefit of both his firm and for the employee as well. For some employee and employer both shall be on the two ends of the ladder, bottom and top, respectively. Now for some of them, the employer may need to come a few steps down to get closer to the employee and for some the Employee can be given a few spaces up to get the process rolling. You must know the right balance, two close up and two far down both can be tricky and there are employee who lose their focus when are a step higher and that promotion can back fire on the organization.

In Maria’s views, regardless of whether your title is that of executive, director, or manager, managing people instead of leading them, drives down engagement. She has always loved the expression, “Things get managed, but people get led.” She thinks, It is a great perspective and it’s true.

But how exactly do bosses “manage” people? After lots of reflection, she has distilled what managing people means down to two issues. The first way bosses manage people is by “treating people like things”, and the second way is by “treating adults like children”. Maria thinks analysis of each employee can help you get the specific method or approach to get him or her going for the company and for employee’s career growth. 

Maria Kazi believes that in the end we are all people, business is how you handle the people around you. it is the people who can make it big for you and it is the people who can let you down. Considering them just a growth tool is a bit inhuman but at the same time pampering your employee as children does not help as well.