Meghna Khanna pursuing her passion for writing, says 2020 helped her grow

A Journalism and mass communication graduate, Meghna Khanna is finally pursuing her dream of writing. While the world cribs about being locked in home, Meghna feels she has attained true freedom in 2020. All her poems and stories can be found on her Instagram handle @when_mk_writes.

Let’s see what the former journalist and now a writer and performer has to share about her ‘new’ normal with us.


Q. Since when are you writing? Who is your inspiration?

I have been writing since my school days. I remember, a poem written by me “Chanda mama” got published in the school magazine when I was in 4th.

There is only one person who I credit for all the things I do in my life and that is my great grandfather – Lt. Shri Balraj Khanna ji. He was a writer, journalist, social worker, politician. People say that I am absolutely like him. Being associated with such a great personality inspires and motivates me to do better and better each day.

Q. From journalism to full time writing, how did the switch happen?

I think sometimes life calls for a change. I was working as a journalist but I thought I want to explore something new in my life which I haven’t done yet. I didn’t know about career or something, but I wanted to do my Masters in a different course. That is exactly how I ended up giving more time to writing and even started performing my poetries. I don’t know if it is a complete switch yet, but I am exploring writing as a career and pursuing MA in Hindi.

Q. What was it like to perform on the stage for the first time? 

I have never been really comfortable being on stage but then, it happened. But when I performed for the first time, I felt “free”, I felt “heard”, I felt on the top of the world.

Q. How has 2020 treated you as an artist? Have you felt caged in house and did it affect your creativity?

If anything, I feel 2020 has unlocked my creativity and dreams. I have felt so liberated in  these 7-8 months. While people of my age were concerned about their travel plans or parties, I felt blessed to have this much time to explore my inner self.

Q. What’s the biggest motivation and challenge in the current scenario?

Biggest motivation is the list of goals I have for myself and the challenge is the fear of losing, which sometimes deviate me from my goals.

Q. What is your mantra to overcome the challenge and stay motivated?

Think about the times when you will have it all. It keeps you going. Sometimes, I also read or watch my old works, it kinda shows me how far I have come and how far I need to go from here.