Designer Jeff Hamilton will design jackets for the NBA Top 75 players

Dwayne Wade revealed his jacket which was a tribute to his amazing career. The designer Jeff Hamilton also presented legend Isiah Thomas his jacket on live television.

The NBA has employed the services of designer and artist, Jeff Hamilton to design custom-made jackets for the members of the Top 75 players list. The designer has been an integral part of the NBA for over 3 decades and has designed custom leather jackets for championship winners. He was also the one that designed the jacket for the Top 50 players as a part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations in 1997.

The designer began his journey as a jeans designer for Guess Jeans and began his career making leather jackets after leaving them. His Jackets were like a piece of art and aimed to encapsulate the player, their journey, and the team. Jeff got into the NBA by connecting with legends like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, in the ’80s and ’90s, after designing jackets for them.


Hamilton has also designed jackets for celebrities and famous people all around the world. Some of his clients are Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Madonna, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and even some of the US presidents. The designer is based in Paris but is known for his influence on American sports and culture. His jackets were so coveted that he was allowed into locker rooms before the media or anyone else could, to give the players their jackets.

Some of his iconic jackets are the ones he designed for the 90’s bulls to celebrate their championships and the 2000s Lakers with Kobe and Shaq. His jackets have transcended sports and become a big part of the fashion and culture of celebrities. Jeff once again creates art on the canvas that is the jackets and will design them for the top 75 players.

The only Jackets that have been publicly seen recently are Dwayne Wade’s jacket that he posted on social media, Isiah Thomas’ jacket that Jeff presented to him personally on live television and Reggie Miller posted his on social media as well. He said that he was a huge fan and wished to present the jacket to Isiah himself. The jackets that have been seen recently are amazing and I hope we can see all 75 of them soon.