Lewis Hamilton out from Q1 in Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Seven-time World Champion loses his streak of qualifying since 2009 in the first-ever Saudi Arabia GP.

Lewis Hamilton has been disqualified from the first quarter of qualifying, reports BBC Sports. He has been struggling lately in the Mercedes W13 since the Bahrain Grand Prix and the setup has cost him from qualifying in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. His teammate, however, has secured the seventh position in the round and is set to begin the second quarter as well.

The happening of the Grand Prix has come under a lot of scrutiny as a missile was shot in Jeddah and the safety of the drivers was questioned by the media and fans alike. The team managers and drivers, however, decided to continue with competing as they believe that the safest spot to be in was the F1 circuit. One will have to wait and watch the new set-up of the W13 this season as the Ferraris are a lot faster than Mercedes along with Redbull tweaking speed every other race.