Weather Threatens NZ vs SL World Cup 2023 Match in Bengaluru: Will Eden Gardens witness India vs Pakistan?

As the Cricket World Cup 2023 unfolds, Bengaluru, host to the upcoming clash between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, finds itself under the shadow of uncertainty due to relentless rainfall. The city has been on a yellow alert since Monday, with the Meteorological Department predicting thunderstorms throughout the day. This persistent inclement weather raises concerns about the fate of the highly-anticipated match.

Bengaluru, accustomed to sporadic showers, has faced an unusual bout of heavy rainfall, causing flooding in several areas and leading to waterlogging in many parts of the city. The Chinnaswamy Stadium, equipped with state-of-the-art drainage facilities, can swiftly recover after moderate rain. However, if the showers intensify and become incessant, the likelihood of a game becomes bleak. Bengaluru’s cricketing infrastructure, known for its resilience, faces a significant test amid these challenging weather conditions.


In the unfortunate event of a washout, where the match cannot proceed due to the weather, both New Zealand and Sri Lanka will share points. This scenario will leave New Zealand with 9 points and Sri Lanka with 5. For New Zealand, this situation poses a threat to their semi-final aspirations, as they need a victory to secure a spot in the next stage. A rain-affected match could create a pivotal moment for Pakistan, who currently stands at 8 points. Pakistan’s fate hangs in the balance as they prepare to face England in their upcoming match. A victory against the defending champions could propel Pakistan into the semi-finals, making the battle for the fourth spot even more intense.

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Additionally, Afghanistan remains in contention, provided they defeat South Africa and improve their net run rate significantly. However, even under favorable conditions, Pakistan holds an advantage by knowing the exact equation required to advance. As the teams strategize and analyze various scenarios, the weather plays a crucial role in shaping the World Cup’s outcome.

In the midst of this uncertainty, players like Shadab Khan, recovering from a concussion, have resumed their training routines. Shadab’s return to the team after a head injury adds a layer of anticipation, as Pakistan aims to strengthen its lineup for the crucial match against England.

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