Read This Before Buying World Cup Semi Final Tickets: Dates and Venues to Change

The Cricket World Cup 2023 is witnessing fierce competition as teams battle for a spot in the semi-finals. Australia’s stunning comeback against Afghanistan has intensified the tournament’s suspense, creating opportunities for New Zealand and Pakistan. Had Afghanistan defeated Australia, their chances of reaching the semi-finals would have risen, making the competition tougher for both New Zealand and Pakistan.

India, South Africa, and Australia have solidified their positions in the semi-finals. South Africa is poised to face Australia in the semi-finals, being anticipated to secure the second and third positions in the standings, respectively. In the knockout stage, the top-ranked team will face the fourth-ranked team. If Pakistan manages to secure the fourth spot, there is a potential India vs Pakistan clash in the semi-finals. However, for this scenario to unfold, Pakistan must win their last match against England. They also need either New Zealand to lose to Sri Lanka or the Bengaluru match to get washed out. Additionally, a convincing victory for South Africa over Afghanistan is essential for Pakistan’s chances.


In the event of an India vs Pakistan face-off in the semi-finals, the match will be held at the renowned Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has specified that if India qualifies for the semi-finals and faces Pakistan, the match will be scheduled in Kolkata rather than Mumbai. The rationale behind this decision remains unclear, although former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials have previously expressed reluctance to travel to Mumbai for matches.

The first semi-final is slated for November 15, where the top-ranked team will compete against the fourth-ranked team. In this case, India would be playing against Pakistan at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The other semi-final between South Africa and Australia will be held in Mumbai. It remains uncertain whether the match dates will be adjusted due to the change in venues.