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Watch: Rahul Dravid pumped up as fans witness another side of coach

In this ongoing tough battle between India and Australia, Mohammed Siraj has given the blues an early breakthrough. Usman Khawaja who came prepared for spin, was departed by dominating pacer Siraj. Siraj immediately did strike the pad and roared for “LBW!” Umpires thought that it had been pitched just outside the leg or may have even been going down, but  Siraj demanded the analysiS and the team went for the DRS.

With one second remaining on the clock, Rohit ran to Srikar Bharat for confirmation before signalling. Replays showed the ball pitching in line with the leg stump, but it appeared that it might swing down the leg or, at worst, be an umpire’s call. Ball-tracker indicated three reds after ball struck significant portion of leg stump.

Even the Indian team let out a “oooohh” when they saw the ball land, thinking it would simply be an umpire’s call. They then just let out a roar when they saw the ball actually hit the leg stump fairly well.

While Kohli and Rohit’s reactions perfectly encapsulated what India’s early wicket meant, Rahul Dravid‘s facial expressions in the dressing room took the cake. The camera panned to the head coach, whose thunderous roar easily surpassed Kohli and Rohit’s rush of elation in expressing his excitement.