Virat, we believe in you

Dear Virat,

A bad patch can be frustrating for anyone, so it is not always easy to understand how someone in a similar position would feel. Your disappointment leaves us heartbroken. We relate how you feel at that moment.

A million hopes and inspirations are what keep your cricket empire alive. That, combined with the dreams of millions of cricket fans who believe in your game — like when people believe that you’ll beat England in the next World Cup tournament. With a comeback story this strong, there’s no doubt that it will be history written in golden words.

The stadiums haven’t heard you roar after scoring a century but that doesn’t stop them from yelling your name in unison. Your comeback story would go down in the memories of millions of cricket fans who have grown up watching you.

Virat Kohli — with an absolute top level of concentration — a gun player standing at crease with tri-color on the helmet breathing a million hopes.

We’re equally excited for your next century.

Jai Hind.

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