Spin department needs a change says Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra believes R.Ashwin and Jayant Yadav are not long-term prospects in the white-ball cricket team.

Former Indian player now commentator Aakash Chopra has made a surprising revelation after India lost 3-0 to Proteas in the away ODI series in South Africa, saying that Ashwin and Jayant Yadav are not long term options for the future and the management should look at getting back chinaman Kuldeep Yadav in the side.

While speaking in a video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Chopra stated that Yuzvendra Chahal and R Ashwin didn’t look very effective on the tour and that Jayant Yadav doesn’t seem like a long-term prospect either.


Our spin department has not been great in the ODI series in South Africa which looked very blunt with R Ashwin and Yuzvendra Chahal who took only 3 wickets combined in the three-match series also Jayant Yadav was played and he was a bit ok in his bowling but he is not your long term option in the eleven.

When Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal were both bowling in combination for the Indian team they had an impact on the game they kept the batsmen guessing and took wickets very frequently not like what happened in South Africa this past month.If we do not go with the best spin attack we have on the side, it means there are changes that need to happen.

He also mentioned the void of Ravindra Jadeja which was very difficult to fill in the side which was led by KL Rahul in the three-match ODI series in South Africa.