Ricky Ponting identifies key players for India in WTC Final clash

As the highly anticipated ICC World Test Championship Final approaches, former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has pinpointed the key players who hold the potential to lead India to success in the crucial encounter.

According to Ponting, Cheteshwar Pujara, renowned for his outstanding performances against Australia, holds the key to India’s chances in the final. Pujara has consistently delivered against the Australian team, accumulating the most runs and centuries against them compared to any other team. With a staggering 2033 runs and five centuries in 24 Tests against Australia, Pujara’s experience and ability to perform under pressure make him a crucial asset for India in the upcoming clash.


In addition to Pujara, Ponting also highlighted the significance of Virat Kohli in India’s quest for victory. Kohli, who recently regained his form and showcased his batting prowess with a confident 186 in the fourth Test against Australia, is seen as another key player for the Indian team. Ponting acknowledged Kohli’s return to his best form and emphasized the challenge he poses for the Australian team.

While Kohli’s recent exploits have been in the T20 format, he has expressed to Ponting his belief that he is nearing his peak performance level. This assertion serves as a warning for the Australian side, particularly considering the one-off nature of the WTC Final.

The Australian team is well aware of the impact that both Pujara and Kohli can have on the game. Pujara’s ability to occupy the crease and wear down the opposition, coupled with Kohli’s aggressive and commanding batting style, make them formidable adversaries. The Australian team will be devising strategies to dismiss these key players early on, understanding the pivotal role they play in India’s batting lineup.

As the ICC World Test Championship Final approaches, all eyes will be on Pujara and Kohli to deliver crucial performances for India. Their contributions will be instrumental in determining India’s fate in the one-off clash against New Zealand.