"It's absolutely rubbish," Rohit Sharma hits back to Shastri's ‘overconfident’ jibe | Business Upturn

“It’s absolutely rubbish,” Rohit Sharma hits back to Shastri’s ‘overconfident’ jibe

Skipper Rohit Sharma hits back at the former coach of the team.


Responding to the comments made by Ravi Shashtri, India’s former coach, captain Rohit Sharma hit back at the criticism by saying, “Honestly, when you win two games, if the people outside are feeling that we are overconfident, it’s absolutely rubbish, because you want to do your finest in all four games, you don’t want to stop winning just two games. It is as simple as that.

“All these guys, when they talk about being overconfident and all that, especially the guys who are not part of the dressing room, don’t know what kind of talk happens in the dressing room. Being ruthless comes to mind for every cricketer and me. Not to give any inch to the opposition when playing, especially when touring abroad. This is similar to what we experienced when we toured outside. The opposition will never let you come into the game, never let you come into the series. And that is the mindset we have as well.

“We want to do our best in all games. If it seems overconfident or anything like that to outsiders, it doesn’t matter to us. Ravi has been in this dressing room and knows our mindset when we play. It’s about being ruthless, not being overconfident.”


Following India’s defeat in the third test match at Indore in the ongoing Border-Gavaskar tournament, Ravi Shastri criticized his former side by saying, “This is what a bit of complacency, a little bit of overconfidence can do when you take things for granted. So you drop guard, and this game will bring you down,” Shastri had said on air. “I think it was a combination of all these things when you cast your mind back to the first innings, see some of the shots played, see some of the overeagerness to try to dominate in these conditions. So you reflect, take a step back and analyze.”