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RCB shared video which showed how they planned Maxwell bid

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell’s forgettable 2020 IPL didn’t appear to issue at the 2021 auction as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) ended up signing him for RS 14.25 cr. On Monday, RCB shared a video in twitter which showed how they planned their bid for Maxwell, led by director of cricket operations Mike Hesson.

Hesson explained in the video why RCB were desperate to sign Maxwell paying little mind to what his structure was last season. Maxwell had only 108 runs in 13 innings at a normal of 15.


Hesson says in video, “The reason behind why we like him is that he’s the most hazardous in over 10-15. Since 2014 in the middle overs, his normal is 28 with a strike pace of 161.5. that would do us flawlessly”

Furthermore, he can be a bowling choice. “We need someone in that main 6 that can bowl 3-4 overs, however Maxwell can bowl two. Those numbers are excellent,” he added

The RCB think tank anticipated Chennai Super Kings (CSK) competing them for Maxwell with Hesson calling the three-time champions “the only threat”. As it turned out, it was a bidding war between RCB and CSK that led to Maxwell’s price soaring to close to Rs 15 crore. The two teams were battling each other after Maxwell’s price crossed Rs 4.4 crore.