“I think we’ve got the skills to outperform any opposition” Trent Boult on MI

New Zealand’s fast bowler Trent Boult has joined the MI camp for the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. the bowler landed in UAE and has started practising with the side. in a video posted by the Mumbai Indians Instagram handle, Boult spoke about the IPL and UAE’s weather amongst other topics. in the first-ever interview of Trent Boult by MI, the player expressed how excited he was to play for the side. he also mentioned what challenge the weather in UAE was posing.” The biggest challenge so far is trying to prepare to come to 45 degrees. I come from a small country, New Zealand which is about 7 or 8 degrees at the moment, the middle of the winter”.

Boult represented Delhi Capitals in the 2019 IPL before being roped in by the Mumbai Indians. “I’ve played against MI. a few times and that intimidation and that big challenge you face when you come up against this side have always been very intimidating. so it’s going to be nice to be on the other end of it and be part of such a cool group”

“It’s about being clear with what we\\re trying to do as a bowling team and if we’re really clear and put the ball where we want to I think we’ve got the skills to outperform and opposition” Trent added. “I think I’m very excited to be part of that bowling pack. there’s a lot of experience there is a lot of diversity I suppose there e is a group of players who have performed all around the world. I am sure we will back each other to do the job”

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