IND VS ENG 3rd ODI: India sets a 330-run target, 1st Innings Highlights

End of 1st over | India 5/0 – A positive start from Rohit Sharma and Shikhar as both get off the mark in the very first over from Sam Curran. Left-arm pacer Reece Topley with the second new ball at the other end.

End of 3rd over | India 11/0 – A tight second over from Sam Curran. Just a single off it! Reece Topley to continue from the other end.

4.1 overs | Sam Curran to Rohit | FOUR! – Full outside off from Sam Curran. Rohit Sharma hits it over the mid-off fielder and the ball races to the fence.

5.1 overs | Topley to Dhawan | FOUR! – This time Shikhar Dhawan looked in much better control. Wide outside off from Reece Topley and Dhawan hits it through point to pick up four runs. India 35/0.

End of 6th over | Mark Wood comes into the attack! – A 5-run third over from Reece Topley. Mark Wood now replaces Sam Curran at the other end after he leaked 15 runs in his previous over including 3 boundaries. India 36/0

Wood starts off with a maiden! – Coming back into the playing XI for the decider after recovering from an injury, Mark Wood produces the first maiden of the match. India 36/0 after 7 overs

50 up for Team India! – FOUR! A cracking boundary from Rohit Sharma through the deep mid-wicket region to finish the over from Reece Topley. Fifty also comes up for India with that boundary off the last ball. India off to a quick start here in this decider. India 53/0 after 8 overs.

End of 9th over | India 61/0 – Liam Livingstone produces a terrific fielding effort at the deep fence. Saves a couple of runs for his team. 8 runs from Mark Wood’s second over including a boundary, that came off the first ball. Ben Stokes now comes into the attack!

End of 11th over | India 76/0 – FOUR! A boundary from Rohit Sharma to finish the over from Mark Wood. Short outside off and Rohit just guides the ball to the third-man fence. Ben Stokes to continue from the other end.

End of 12th over | India 84/0 – FOUR! Once again a boundary off the last ball of the over for India. Short and wide outside off from Ben Stokes and once again Rohit nudges the ball to the third-man fence. Comfortably beats the fielder at the boundary line. Leggie Adil Rashid now comes into the attack!

50 for Shikhar Dhawan over 12.4 !!!

100-run stand between Dhawan and Rohit! – And shortly after Shikhar Dhawan’s 32nd ODI fifty, India get to the 100-run mark. A comfortable single for Shikhar Dhawan off the last from Ben Stokes and Rohit-Dhawan partnership has raised to 100 after 14 overs.

14.4 overs | Adil Rashid to Rohit | Clean Bowled! – OUT! Rohit Sharma gets undone by a perfect googly from Adil Rashid. The ball goes right through between his bat and pads. Breakthrough for England as Rohit departs for 37. India 103/1 after 14.4 overs and umpires have also taken a drinks break!

End of 16th over | India 113/1 – A good start from Moeen Ali. Just 3 off his first over.

16.4 overs | Rashid to Dhawan | Caught & bowled! – OUT! A soft dismissal as Shikhar Dhawan scoops the ball straight back to Adil Rashid. Second wicket in two overs for Rashid as both the India openers are now back in the hut. Dhawan falls for 67. India 113/2

17.4 overs | Moeen Ali to Kohli | OUT! – And now Moeen Ali joins the party! Castles Virat Kohli with an off-spinner that spun in sharply after pitching. Hits the top of Kohli’s leg stump. Kohli falls for 7 and India now in a bit of a trouble. India 121/3

End of 19th over | India 126/3 – Another decent over by Adil Rashid that follows the Moeen Ali over which had the wicket of India skipper Virat Kohli. India rocked by three quick wickets after a terrific start from the openers. KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant now trying to steady the Indian ship.

End of 20th over | India 128/3 – England have bounced right back in this series decider. Last five overs, 18 runs and 3 wickets as a strong start from the openers have been wasted. KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant trying to put things back together for India. A 2-run over from Moeen Ali comes to an end.

22.1 overs | Adil Rashid to Pant | FOUR! – Outrageous from Rishabh Pant! Middles the ball with the top edge. Adil Rashid drags the ball down the leg side and Pant flicks the ball with the top edge of his bat to collect a boundary. Freak shot from Pant as it races to the deep square-leg fence. Almost got it over the fence!

150 up for Team India! – FOUR! A scoop this time from Rishabh Pant off Adil Rashid and the ball races to the fine-leg fence. 150 also comes up for India with that boundary from Pant after 22.2 overs.

End of 26th over | India 160/4 – A tight 2-run over from Moeen Ali. Liam Livingstone to continue from the other end.

27.1 overs | Ali to Hardik Pandya | SIX! – Hardik Pandya now goes down town and just clears the fence. Middles the ball perfectly. Minimum effort, maximum result as Hardik collects his first SIX of the match. India 176/4

29.3 overs | Topley to Hardik Pandya | FOUR! – Short and wide outside off from Reece Topley and Hardik slaps it to the point fence. India 200/4

50 for Rishabh Pant! – SIX! Gets to his third ODI fifty in style with a maximum off Adil Rashid over the deep mid-wicket fence. Fifty for Pant off just 44 balls. Applause from the India dug-out! India 216/4 after 30.5 overs.

End of 32nd over | India 219/4 | Drinks break! – A tidy over this time from Reece Topley. Just 3 from it. Adil Rashid (7-0-57-2) to continue from the other end after the drinks break.

33.5 overs | Curran to Hardik Pandya | FOUR! – Wide outside leg from around the wicket from Sam Curran. Hardik Pandya moves across and the top edge off his bat takes the ball to the fine-leg fence. India 230/4

End of 35th over | India 243/4 – 13 came off that last over from Adil Rashid including a SIX from Rishabh Pant. So, final 15 overs to go! How many more will India add to the total? Pant (73*) and Hardik Pandya (44*) out there in the middle for India and looking in absolute control.

50 for Hardik Pandya! – Takes a comfortable single off Adil Rashid on the off side to get to his 7th ODI fifty off just 36 balls. 4 fours and 3 sixes so far in this innings from Hardik Pandya. India 257/5 after 36.3 overs.

End of 37th over | India 265/5 – 9 runs off the Adil Rashid over including a SIX from Hardik Pandya off the fifth ball. Rashid completes his quota for the day. Finishes with figures of 10-0-81-2.

End of 38th over | India 267/5 – An excellent comeback over from Mark Wood. Just 2 runs off it. Ben Stokes now comes into the attack from the other end.

38.6 overs | Stokes to Hardik | OUT! – A wicket off the last ball of the over. Hardik Pandya is bowled around his legs. Shuffles across to guide the ball to fine-leg but misses it completely. Ben Stokes gets his first wicket of the evening. Hardik departs for 64! India 276/6

End of 40th over | India 283/6 – 7 runs from that over of Mark Wood but Shardul Thakur got off the mark in it with a cracking SIX in the fine-leg region. India will need a lot more of that from Shardul in the final 10 overs.

End of 41st over | India 286/6 – A tight over from Ben Stokes. Just 3 off it. Reece Topley now comes into the attack, replacing Mark Wood.

41.5 overs | Topley to Thakur | FOUR! – Reece Topley bowls into the pads of Shardul Thakur and he just times the ball to perfection. Dissects the gap beautifully between the deep and the long-on fielder as the ball races to the fence. India 294/6

Another good over from Stokes! – Krunal Pandya and Shardul Thakur not managing to accelerate the scoring as Ben Stokes produces another brilliant over. Just three came off it! Also almost got the wicket of Krunal had Adil Rashid not dropped his catch at mid-on.

300 up for India in 43.2 overs!


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