IND vs AUS Live: Indian skipper Rohit Sharma departs early as Australia dominates

After Shubman Gill, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma was the next target for the visitors.Australia have once again pressured team India as the hosts fail to carry out a positive opening partnership.

After a while, the finger goes up as a result of the massive appeal as Rohit was caught on the crease, facing neither forward nor back. He has, however, reviewed it.


However, it is a waste of a review. It’s crashing about halfway up the middle stump. Tossed up from around the wicket, dips on a length, pitches around the middle and leg, then straightens slightly. It’s the length that gets to Rohit here, which is similar to how he got him in Delhi, except he was bowled.

Australia have once again made it possible to gain a comeback in game. KL Rahul was dropped because of his poor batting performance in the last 10 innings which made a way for Shubman Gill but the young batsman is yet to prove his reign as he fails yet again in the Indore Test.