ICC introduces “ICC Player of the Month Award” Fans can also vote here’s how

ICC introduces player of the month Award: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has come up something new this year. The Council has announced the introduction of the ICC Player of the Month awards. It will be awarded to male and female cricketers across all forms of international cricket.

 A group of former players, broadcasters and journalists from around the world will form an independent ICC Voting Academy. will team up with cricket fans from around the world to vote for the ICC Men’s Player of the Month and ICC Women’s Player of the Month.


India vs Australia surely has surely given few options of players who will top contenders. India’s debutants helped India to win against Australia in Australia, despite the fact that India had lost their key senior players. Shardul Thakur, Rishabh Pant, Washinton Sundar and R Ashwin just to name a few.

The nomination and voting process:

 ICC Awards Nominations Committee will nominate three players from each category that will be based on The three nominees for each of the categories will be based on on-field performances and overall achievements during the period of that month (the first to the last day of each calendar month.)

The Committee and the fans will vote for the shortlisted candidates.

The fans will have a 10% share of the vote and the remaining 90% lies in the hands of the Committee. Fans that are registered with the ICC will be able to submit votes via the ICC website. ICC will announce the winners every second Monday of the month on ICC’s digital channels.