ENG vs PAK: Pakistan ‘all out’ at 326; Shah Masood top scorer

The scoreboard stops for the session at 326 runs. No doubt the contribution of Shah Masood has been profound to give the team a decent score.


Pakistan Cricket Team’s Babar Azam and Shah Masood were the turning point to the match in the three-Test series against England. Masood’s century turned 156 marked the end of his batting.

The game resumed with Root on the ball to kick off this post-lunch session. Shadab Khan and Shah Masood were set to bat. The initial two overs post-lunch scored eight runs each. Indeed, it was a good push from Pakistan’s side. The scoreboard read PAK 203-5.

When James Anderson got on-field he tried his best to not let the opposite team score. The ball bounced over the top of, off stump, yet the over just got one run. The match seemed to tilt towards Pakistan when the batsmen duo namely Shadab Khan and Shah Masood hit 18 runs in two overs (84th and 85th). This lead to plenty of discussion among the England players to not let partnership flourish.

A hundred runs completion was as a noteworthy moment in the play. Shah Masood hit his 4th test century. The score went up to PAK 244-5. The game continued in a good mood.

Shadab Khan ‘Caught out’ by Joe Root brought the score to 281-6. Yasir Shah stepped in to take over but no runs made initially. His attempts were fair enough but soon ended with LBW on the ball by Jofra Archer at the 103rd over. Mohammad Abbas stepped to the crease but soon returned back to Pavillion with zero runs. It was two-in-two for Jofra Archer. Scored updated to 291-8.

Mohammad Abbas was taken over by Shaheen Afridi. In the partnership with Masood and Afridi, the team played well. Two 6s in the same over(104th)from Masood were great for Pakistan. The score got to PAK 307-8. Through each over, Shah Masood got closer and closer to a score of 150.

At the end of 106th over, Masood stood undefeated with 151 runs. The physio is out with the magic spray. The last visiting opener to score 150+ in England before Masood was Chris Rogers (173) at Lord’s in Ashes 2015Thumbs up from Masood.

Score after 108th over was 317-9. Meanwhile, the over the lead to Masood confirmed on review as ‘OUT’. Naseem Shah stepped in to bat but in a while got caught out. This marked the end of the session on score 326 ‘All-Out’.

England was bossing it before lunch, later when the session resumed Pakistan tried its best to reach a decent score. Now, its England’s time to bat in a short while from now.

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