Top 10 EV charging station companies in India 2024

On the road to greener transportation, having good places to charge electric vehicles is super important. Charge Point Operators (CPOs), also known as EV Charging Station Companies, are the heroes making this happen. They make sure electric cars have power when they need it across India.

Who are Charge Point Operators (CPOs)?


Charge Point Operators (CPOs) are the folks who set up, run, and take care of the charging spots for electric vehicles (EVs) in India. They work hard to make sure there are plenty of places to charge EVs, making it easier for people to use them.

Top EV Charging Station Companies in India 2024

Let’s check out the top CPOs in India who are leading the charge for electric mobility:

  1. Servotech EV Infra: They wish to put up 5000 EV charging spots across India to help more people use electric cars and trucks.
  2. Tata Power EZ Charge: Tata Power has put up many spots across big cities, and they are all under the name Tata Power EZ Charge.
  3. Statiq: With over 7000 charging spots Statiq is the biggest charging network in India. They strive to give people cheap and easy ways to juice up their vehicles.
  4. Charge Zone: They put up lots of places for electric buses to charge. The more people use electric vehicles, the cleaner the city will be!
  5. Magenta ChargeGrid: They set up smart charging spots all over India to help people breathe clearer and enjoy greener areas.
  6. Jio-bp Pulse: They want to have the largest EV charging and battery swapping network in India, so more people have no problems using electric vehicles.
  7. Blusmart: They are the first all-electric ride-hailing service and the first charging network in India. They want to make it easy – and cheap! – to get anywhere without having to worry about the planet.
  8. Glida: They put up charging networks for all the proud owners of EVs. They make that incredibly easy!
  9. Zeon charging: They put chargers wherever they may be lacking around the whole of India.
  10. PlugNgo: They want to build a large network in India and the rest of the world to let more people use electric vehicles.

Charge Point Operators in India are not only putting up charging stations. They are indeed making it possible for more people to use electric vehicles and help keep the world a little cleaner for us.