PM Modi inaugurates Modi Shaikshanik Sankul

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened a school complex that offers resources for children’ total growth.

In his speech at the opening of an educational complex near Ahmedabad that will offer resources for holistic development to underprivileged pupils, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that only societies that place a strong emphasis on education can thrive. The Modh Vanik Modi Samaj established the Modi Shaikshanik Sankul close to Chharodi. “I want to emphasise societies that focus on education will succeed. Keeping focusing on ways to make education more accessible to the youth is one of the main ways to success,” he said, adding that “though our (caste) people are late, we are on the right path”.

The prime minister will be in Gujarat for three days beginning from Sunday. “I am glad more youngsters are focusing on medicine, engineering and other such streams. At the same time, I want to stress the importance of skill development as well. In the future, if a student does not have a degree but has some skill then it will be enough. If a child does not want to study, we should give him some skill,” Mr Modi said. He said that this was a commendable accomplishment for a caste whose numbers are negligible and whose members are primarily from the middle class.


Even though one of them served as Gujarat’s longest-serving chief minister and was re-elected to the position of prime minister, PM Modi claimed he was fortunate that caste members had not approached him for any type of work. “And my family has also been far away from me. So I am really fortunate and want to thank my samaj,” he said. As one of the caste leaders, Modi’s elder brother Somabhai Modi was present on the stage during the opening of the educational complex.

An educational complex called Modi Shaikshanik Sankul would give needy pupils the resources they need for overall growth. On Sunday, the prime minister stated, speaking at a rally in Modhera, Mehsana district, that the people of the state had been blessed with him for the past 20 years, regardless of his caste or party affiliation.