Top 6 most interesting facts about Dr. Manmohan Singh

Today is the 88th birthday of Former Prime Minister of India and eminent Economist Dr. Manmohan Singh. On this occasion, let us see what are the top 6 interesting facts about him.

Here are the top 6 most interesting facts about Dr. Manmohan Singh:-

1) Dr. Manmohan Singh has received a number of prestigious awards so far. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 1988, Jawaharlal Nehru Birth Centenary Award of the Indian Science Congress in 1995, the Adam Smith Prize of the University of Cambridge in 1956, the Wright’s Prize for Distinguished Performance at St. John’s College in Cambridge in 1955. He was the recipient of the Asia Money Award for Finance Minister of the Year in 1993 and 1994 as well as the Euro Money Award for Finance Minister of the Year in 1993 also.

2) Dr. Manmohan Singh used to be criticized for being silent by the opposition leaders, when he was the Prime Minister, but very few people know that he has been a reserved person throughout his life. When he was studying in Cambridge University, he would wake up early in the morning and bath with cold water at 4 am because he was shy to wash his long hair and so he had to do it privately. He himself revealed it in an interview with BBC’s Mark Tully for Cambridge Alumni Magazine.

3) Dr. Manmohan Singh had spent his childhood days in a remote village that did not have electricity, piped water and school. He had to walk miles to attend his far off school. He used to study in the light of lamp.

4) Dr. Manmohan Singh cannot read Devnagari script of Hindi. His hindi speeches are generally written in Urdu because he is proficient in that language.

5) Dr. Manmohan Singh has a habit of listening to BBC news every morning. It is why he could instantly respond to the Tsunami of 2004.

6) Dr. Manmohan Singh was born in undivided India. He was only 14 years old during the partition of India in 1947. His family had to migrate from Gah (which is now in Pakistan) to Amritsar.

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