Top 5 lesser known billionaires of India


While talking about billionaire businessmen of India the names that come to your mind are Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji etc. But the fact is, there are 138 billionaire businessman in india . Some of them are rich but don’t come to the LimeLight very often. That is why you probably don’t know them but you use there products or get their services regularly.

Here are the top 5 lesser known billionaires of India:-

1) Dr. Ranjan Pai:-

He is the owner of the Manipal Group. It has six educational and 16 healthcare institutions in India and Malaysia, Antigua, Dubai and Nepal. His grandfather Dr. Ramdas Madhav Pai had founded this group in Udipi. Ranjan’s firm Aarin Capital also backs the online education portal Byju’s. His net worth is ₹ 11609 crore.

2) Rajesh Mehra:-

He is the founder of Jaguar group of sanitary wares. Rajesh’s father started his company in 1960 naming it after his mother Jai Kaur. His net worth is ₹ 11021 crore.

3) Monohar Lal Agarwal and Madhusudan Agarwal:-

Who has not tasted the mouth watering Haldiram snacks? Shivkisan Agarwal started selling savoury snacks from a tiny shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan in 1937. He was the grandfather of these two brothers. Now, the revenue of Haldiram is more than 500 million dollars. The name the net worth of them is ₹ 12 490 crore.

4) Sridhar Vembu:-

He is a PhD in electrical engineering from Princeton University. He is the 88% owner of the company which makes cloud based business softwares. Vembu originally started the company as AdventNet with his family members and friends. His net worth is ₹ 13446 crore.

5) Karsanbhai Patel:-

His life is really inspirational for the budding entrepreneurs. He is the founder of the Nirma company. At the beginning he used to prepare the detergent in his backyard and used to sell it to people moving door to door in his bicycle. He used to guarantee them to get money back if it didn’t work. The quality of the detergent was so good that it became popular in entire Gujarat in no time. Now Nirma is the greatest soda Ash producer in the world. His net worth is ₹ 27919 crore.

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