Top 5 businessmen of India who are college dropouts

These top businessmen of India have proved that being successful in life has little to do with having great institutional education. They are all college dropouts, yet they have reached sky high success.

Here are the top 5 businessmen of India who are college dropouts:-

1) Mukesh Ambani:-

He is currently the fourth richest person in the world with a net worth of ₹280002 crore. Few people know that Mukesh actually is a college dropout. He left his studies in Stanford University to help his father grow their business. His father Dhirubhai Ambani would emphasize more on practical skills than theoretical knowledge. So he got his son back leaving his MBA course when he needed his assistance.

2) Gautam Adani:-

He is the sole controller of Munna Port- the largest port of India. Adani group also developed their business in various sectors like real estate, power and defense. His net worth is ₹ 67,677 crore. This eminent business magnate left his studies in 2nd year of bachelor of commerce course at the Gujarat university. Instead of joining his father’s flourished textile business, he chose to work as a diamond sorter at the Mahindra Bros company. Later he started his own diamond brokerage company with the experience gained.

3) Azim Premji:-

He is a dropout of Stanford University. He had to left his studies and come to India after his father’s sudden demise to take charge of their family business at the age of 21 in the year 1966.  Later in 1999 Azim Premji finished his education from Stanford University.

4) Mickey Jagtiani:-

This Dubai based businessman left London Business School where he went to study Economics, to start business. Now his Landmark group has over 2300 stores across the world.

5) Subhash Chandra:-

Subash Chandra is the founder of Zee Entertainment, M.P. from Haryana and an eminent motivational speaker. This dynamic business tycoon and philanthropist of India had never gone to college. He dropped out from school in class 12 to join their family business.

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