COWIN Global Conclave: PM Modi urges whole country to work together to fight against COVID-19

PM Modi during the time of conclave said that, “Experience shows that no nation, however powerful it is, can solve a challenge like this in isolation.”

On Monday PM Modi urged the countries to come forward and fight against the pandemic together. He also informed citizens of different countries about the COWIN App.

According to the PTI news agency, around 50 countries have come forward showing interest in CoWIN app for their vaccination drive. Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, and Uganda are the countries willing to adopt the technology behind the app.


PM Modi said that CoWIN to be Made Open Source by the Indian civilization to consider the whole world as ‘one family’, a ‘fundamental truth’ sanctioned amid the pandemic. “That’s why, our technology platform for Covid vaccination – the platform we call CoWIN – is being prepared to be made open source.”

PM Modi also added that by Sharing Resources With the World, the nation has been also committed to sharing all experiences, expertise, and resources with the global community in this battle. “Experience also shows that no nation, however powerful that nation is, can solve a challenge like this in isolation.”

India had started its nationwide vaccination drive this year on January 16, where doses were administered to citizens in different phases according to its age group. Currently, people above the age of 18 are being inoculated against Covid-19. The Government has also planned to vaccinate all the citizens by the end of 2021