West Bengal’s CM Mamata Banerjee spotted riding on electric scooter as protest against rising petrol prices

The opposition has been constantly targeting the Union Government for petrol price hikes. It has been 12 days since petrol prices have continuously been increased. West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has approached a unique way to target the central government. 

Today on her way to the office, Mamata Banerjee opted to hitchhike on an Electric scooty. She was accompanied by her followers and security. The funny part of this entire mini Roadshow was that there was just one electric scooter and the rest were the same only petrol bikes. 


Further, the petrol prices in some states have crossed the Rs 100 mark. Amidst this rise in prices, poll-bound West Bengal has offered a VAT cut of Re 1 on petrol and diesel and now the state’s chief minister offered an alternative mode of transport to people.

This roadshow definitely won’t effect in decreasing the price of petrol, but will surely benefit Didi in getting some votes in her pocket.