Wear masks in crowded places, get booster shots: Government advises amid covid surge in China

During the surge in China, the Centre has advised people to be vigilant and follow Covid guidelines such as wearing masks.

As the rise in Covid cases makes headlines once more, the government, following a review meeting to assess the situation, has advised people to wear masks in crowded places to prevent the spread of the infection. The government has also urged people to get booster shots and has advised elderly people and those with comorbidities to take extra precautions. However, it has stated that there is currently no change in aviation.

“If you are in a crowded area, whether indoors or outdoors, wear a mask. This is especially important for people who have comorbidities or are older “VK Paul, Member-Health, NITI Aayog, made the remarks following a review meeting presided over by Union Health Minister Mansukh Madaviya.


He added, “Only 27 to 28 per cent of people have taken the precaution dose. We appeal to others, especially senior citizens, to take precaution dose. Precaution dose is mandated and guided to everyone.”