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Historic Women’s Reservation Bill passed in Lok Sabha with 454 votes

Parliament Special Session LIVE updates: Lok Sabha, on Wednesday, passed the historic Women’s Reservation Bill. The bill was passed with the support of 454 votes

On Wednesday, the Lok Sabha passed the Women’s Reservation Bill with 454 votes, making it what can be considered a watershed moment in India’s quest for gender equality.

In the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies, the law will provide 33% of the seats to women. After more than 25 years of waiting, the moment finally arrived.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the Bill yesterday in the new Lok Sabha, but because the House was adjourned, it was again addressed on Wednesday. The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of including more women in the decision-making process so that their contributions to the country can rise even higher. He claimed that God had given him the chance to advance the cause of women’s emancipation.

The Prime Minister announced that the administration has chosen to bring Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam during his inaugural speech in the new Parliament building.

In response to some of the bill’s provisions, Congress dubbed its presentation a “election jumla” and “a huge betrayal of women’s hopes.”

The five-day special session of the Parliament began on September 18 and will end on September 22. The Indian Parliament moved from the old building to the new one on 19 September. PM Modi pleaded with people to remember the old structure because it had witnessed numerous important historical choices and events. The old Parliament building was renamed “Samvidhan Sadan” on Tuesday in response to Prime Minister Modi’s recommendation.