Kerala: Rahul Gandhi hints at re-contesting Lok Sabha polls from Wayanad

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi speaking at a book launch event in Kerala Hints at re-contesting from Wayanad Launches a book based on late Muslim League leader P Sathi Haji.

After vigorous campaigning in five states, Congress leader and former president Rahul Gandhi reached his parliamentary constituency Wayanad on a three-day tour. Where he participated in a book release program and hinted at contesting elections from Wayanad again.

Rahul Gandhi said this while attending the launch program of a book based on late Muslim League leader P Sathi Haji. He said that this state and this parliamentary constituency is like home for him. Coming here is no work for them. He further said that “I look at it as coming back to my family and meeting friends. The more I visit Kerala and Wayanad, the more I feel that this is my home.”


“I now feel that Wayanad is like my second home. It feels like I’m coming back to my family here. I see Wayanad and Kerala as one big extended family. The spirit of unity and togetherness is very deep in Kerala. I always learn something new when I visit the state. I plan to bring my mother here,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Inaugurating several projects in Kerala’s Nilambur Block Panchayat, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said, these four projects are in the interest of the people. First- a palliative care for the people, second a tribal antenatal home project (the aim of this scheme is to reduce maternal and child mortality rate), general health care project for scheduled caste women and last project a health care for tribal children.

“The more I come to Kerala, the more I come to Wayanad, the more I feel this is my home. I enjoy coming here. I don’t consider it as work, but as coming back to my family and meeting my friends,” added Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also inaugurated various projects of the Nilambur Block Panchayat and laid down the foundation stone for PM Gram Sadak Yojana roads in Malappuram, Kerala.