‘BJP makes empty promises’: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra addresses rally in Balod, Chhattisgarh

“The Prime Minister has no money for farmers, but has money to buy airplanes for himself and beautify Parliament,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

Congress General Secretary and star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reached Balod on Tuesday. While addressing the rally, Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party and alleged that the BJP makes empty promises. She also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his remark that he belongs to the OBC category and caste-census issue.


“PM Modi says that he himself is OBC and wants to work for the OBC category. But when Congress talks about caste census, they get furious on this issue. BJP only makes empty promises,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi further attacked PM Modi over 20 thousand crore rupees being spent on Central Vista Project. She said: “PM Modi bought a plane worth Rs 8 thousand crore. 20 thousand crore rupees were spent in building and beautification of the new Parliament building. When he had announced to spend crores, sugarcane farmers were demanding the dues, farmers were on the streets against the black agricultural law. Then Modi ji had said – We do not have money to pay the dues.”

“The Prime Minister has no money for farmers, but has money to buy airplanes for himself and beautify Parliament,” added Priyanka Gandhi.

Priyanka Gandhi also claimed that Congress party fulfil the promises. She said: “When we make a promise to you, you believe our words. You know we’re telling the truth. This is because we have done it. Today, paddy is being purchased in Chhattisgarh at Rs 2640 per quintal. – Free treatment up to Rs 25 lakh is available in Rajasthan. Therefore, there is a basis for our words.”

“Congress has always talked about the rights of the people. Like — Right to Education, Right to Food, Right to Health. You still remember Indira Gandhi ji, because she knew that this country was yours. You have the first right on the water, forest and land here. In Chhattisgarh, these same rights have been returned to the people,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

The first phase of Chhattisgarh election concluded on November 7, while the voting for second phase to take place on November 17, followed by counting of votes and declaration of results on December 3.