PM to pay homage to unsung Bhil freedom fighters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend a program ‘Mangarh Dham ki Gaurav Gatha’ at Mangarh Hill here on Tuesday to pay homage to the sacrifices of the unsung tribal heroes and martyrs of the freedom struggle movement.

He will pay homage to Bhil freedom fighter Govind Guru who led more than 1.5 lakh Bhils at Mangarh Hill against the Britishers on November 17, 1913.


The Prime Minister will also address a gathering of Bhil Adivasis and other tribal population of the region.

Mangarh Hill holds special importance for the Bhil community and other tribes of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.

During the freedom struggle Bhils and other tribes engaged in a long stand-off with the British here.

Britishers opened fire at this gathering, leading to Mangarh Massacre where approximately 1500 tribals were killed.

The Prime Minister, who is already on a visit to Gujarat, will also dedicate and lay the foundation stone of projects worth around Rs 860 crores in Jambughoda, Panchmahal.

He will dedicate the new campus of Shri Govind Guru University, Godhara.

He will also dedicate Sant Joriya Parameshwar Primary School and Memorial located at village Vadek and Raja Rup Singh Nayak Primary School and Memorial located at village Dandiyapura.

Modi will lay the foundation stone for the building of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Godhra.

He will also lay the foundation stone for development of Godhra Medical College and expansion of Kaushalya – The Skill University, worth over Rs 680 crores.