PM Narendra Modi hails the cooperation between India and ASEAN in fighting with COVID-19

Modi highlighted the importance of the unity and centrality of ASEAN to India, stating that the shared values, traditions, languages, texts, architecture, culture and food between India and ASEAN countries had been the source of a connection between them for thousands of years. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, October 28, attended the virtual 18th ASEAN-India summit through a video conference. Addressing the event, Modi stated that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic led to a lot of challenges for the member nations.

He deemed this challenging period a test of friendship between India and ASEAN, stating that the mutual corporation between the two during the COVID-19 pandemic will further strengthen and encourage their relationship in the future and “form a base of goodwill between people.” 


During the address, Modi also noted that 2022 will mark three decades of partnership between India and ASEAN. “India will also complete 75 years of its independence. I am delighted that we will celebrate this important milestone as Asean-India Friendship Year,” he revealed. 

Further commenting on the collaboration between India and ASEAN, Modi said that India’s Indo-Pacific Ocran’s Initiative (IPOI) and ASEAN’s Outlook for the Indo-Pacific are the foundation for their shared vision and joint cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. 

ASEAN-Indian summit is an annual event presenting an opportunity for the two to engage at the highest level. The 18th summit being held this year marks Modi’s ninth attendance at the event. He is participating in the summit at the invitation of the Sultan of Brunei.

A press release released yesterday disclosed that the Prime Minister was expected to evaluate the standing of the ASEAN-India Strategic Partnership at the 18th ASEAN-India Summit. Modi was also expected to review the progress made in key areas including COVID-19, health, trade and commerce, connectivity, and education and culture.