PM Narendra Modi addresses nation: Announces extension of Gareeb Kalyan Ann Yojana

In his address to the nation today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Ann Yojana till the end of November. This scheme provides free ration to 80 crore people across the nation including 5 kg wheat/rice and 1 kg chana every month. “This extension would cost Rs. 90,000 crores which, along with the amount of money spent in the last three months, totals to Rs. 1.5 lakh crores” said, PM Modi. 

He began the address by highlighting the alarming situation of the country and the recklessness of people in India since the onset of the ‘Unlock 1.0’. At the same time, he asserted that the nation is still stable, in terms of the effect of the pandemic, as compared to others because of the decisions, safety measures and pro-activeness of the government during the lockdown. He also stated that while the regulations and norms were adhered to during the nationwide lockdown, people have shown utmost negligence since it has ended, creating a worrisome situation in the country. He urged the citizens of the country to be more careful and understand the gravity of the situation. “Citizen or PM, nobody is above the rules,” he said.


Mr. Modi then acknowledged the efforts and resilience of the farmers and taxpayers of this country and thanked them for their relentless work which enabled the government to provide free food and ration to the poor. The focus of the address was then shifted gradually to the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana. The prime minister stated that the scheme contained Rs. 1.75 lakh crore package for the poor, Rs. 31000 crore given to the families of the poor via their Jan Dhan accounts and an increase in employment. 

With the news of the addition to the package and its extension, he promised to accelerate all his actions towards the welfare of the poor and encouraged economic activities while being dear to “Vocal for Local”.