PM Modi praises MSMEs in India’s progress due to special government schemes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the role of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the nation’s progress and growth. He said that their contribution to the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme was very beneficial. News agency ANI reported that special schemes for MSMEs during the Coronavirus pandemic aided around 90 lakh enterprises by providing them with a credit worth of Rs 2.4 trillion.

On 25th February, he addressed a public meeting ahead of the following Assembly polls and said that the conventional view of development only accounted for more vocal interest groups because these two sections were not taken notice of — small businessmen and farmers.


The head of the state added that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the centre and the government of Tamil Nadu have joined forces as a stark example of cooperative federalism.

PM Modi said, “I want to applaud MSMEs of Coimbatore for creating wealth and adding value. The government of India has taken several steps to help MSMEs.” Continuing to say that the NDA government has prioritized these main two sections.

He referred to the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS) as one of many examples. The Prime Minister stated that reopening of the economy post the COVID-19 induced lockdown, ECLGS has been significant to boost MSMEs, particularly in Tamil Nadu.

Approximately Rs 14,000 crore has been sanctioned for 3.5 lakh MSMEs throughput the state, PM Modi said. In the Coimbatore district itself, around 2,25,000 MSMEs have gained from this. Last year the definition of MSME was changed, allowing it to be more inclusive and broadband.

The PM said that seven textile parks are expected to come up in three years as the export of leather products, garments and handicrafts are supported. Textile is also an important part of the PLI scheme brought to light late last year.

Citing farmers, PM Modi said, “We do not want our small farmers to feel dependent on anyone or feel suffocated due to middlemen. Our effort for small farmers is aimed at giving them a life of prosperity and dignity.”

The BJP leader noted that the development needs of Tamil Nadu had been met, saying that 12 lakh houses have been given under the PM Awaz Yojana to urban areas of the state. He stated, “We take great pride in the culture of Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the idlest language in the world and Tamil festivals are part of global and across India.”

Lastly, he said that the centre has allowed the setting up of medical institutions in local languages which would endorse thousands of youths.