ISRO's latest video of rover roaming on Moon has a "Chandamama" reference | Business Upturn

ISRO’s latest video of rover roaming on Moon has a “Chandamama” reference

This latest update from the Moon comes a day after Pragyan shared an image of Vikram – the first with its NavCam, or navigation camera and the first since it was deployed.

The Pragyan rover is being wheeled on the Moon’s surface remotely from a command centre in Bengaluru in order to find a path that avoids craters and boulders on the lunar surface, according to a video released by India’s space agency. Before a lunar night (which lasts 14 Earth days) sets next week, the rover and Vikram, the lander that brought Pragyan to the Moon, are rushing to complete investigations.

“The rover was spun to find a secure path. A Lander Imager Camera recorded the spin, according to a tweet from the Indian Space Research Organisation on X (formerly Twitter). It seems as though a youngster is carefreely playing in Chandamama’s yards as the mother adoringly looks on.


The Moon’s most recent report comes a day after Pragyan provided a photograph of Vikram, the first taken using its NavCam since it was deployed and the first using its navigation camera. The lander was responsible for all previously revealed images, and delighted ISRO scientists posted the “image of the mission” on X.

The Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope, one of the rover’s equipment, has discovered aluminium, calcium, iron, chromium, titanium, manganese, silicon, and oxygen on the lunar surface close to the south pole, according to information released by ISRO on Tuesday.