India ranks 3rd in WADA’s doping violators list

India is named in the top three world’s biggest doping violators in a WADA list after Russia and Brazil.

India is named in the top three world’s biggest doping violators in a WADA, World Anti-Doping Agency, report. The report published mentions 152 violations by India which constitutes about 17% of the total Anti-doping rule violations in the world. While Russia recorded 167 violators, having the top violators Brazil ranked second. Russia was not allowed to field its national team in Tokyo Olympics for not complying with international anti-doping rules.

India mainly had violations in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and athletics leading to the country’s major embarrassing record. 57 cases alone from bodybuilding making it the making violations from any other sport. Weightlifting recorded 25, 10 from wrestling, 20 from athletics while 4 were recorded from boxing and judo. India earlier ranked 4 in the list.

A total of 278,047 samples were collected and analyzed by WADA-accredited laboratories in 2019 out of which 1% reported critical findings. Speaking of the Olympics, 18% of dope offenders were solely from athletics counting to 227.

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