Hardeep Puri again blames Punjab govt of selling COVID vaccine at higher price

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has made a big allegation about the corona vaccine being given to the people in Punjab. He says that instead of providing the Kovid vaccines to the people free of cost in the state, they are being sold at high prices. He said, “In Punjab, the doses of corona vaccines which should be given to the people free of cost were sold at exorbitant prices. A dose of the Covishield vaccine purchased for Rs 309 has been sold for Rs 1,560.

4.29 lakh doses of Covishield vaccines procured for Rs 13.25 crore:


The Union Minister said that the Punjab government official and in-charge of COVID vaccination has disclosed some data as of May 29 and informed that 4.29 lakh doses of Kovidshield vaccines were purchased for Rs 13.25 crore. Its average amount is Rs 309. At the same time, 1,14,190 doses of Covaxin vaccines were purchased for an average of Rs 4.70 crore. The cost of a vaccine of Covaxin is Rs 412.

He further said, ‘The Center has distributed 50 per cent of the vaccines to the states and union territories to make people vaccinate free of cost. States are profiteering from their purchases. If these (above) figures are correct then the actual amount of profit is not just Rs 2.40 crore.