Gold smuggling case: Opposition Leader Chennithala says NIA probe of Kerala’s Education Minster Jameel is serious

Opposition leader, R Chennithala, says that Kerala’s Education Minister’s NIA probe must be serious because the NIA usually probes terror crimes.

Leader of the Opposition parties and Congress, R Chennithala, in the Kerala gold smuggling case, said, “The NIA probe on the KT Jameel is serious. The NIA only probes terror crimes. The Kerala Education Minter’s involved in this gold smuggling case and the public is disgusted.”


Security escorted KT Jameel, Kerala’s Education Minister, to be questioned by the NIA (National Investigation Agency) office at 6 am to evade the media and public. High security was set up near the NIA due to the protests from the opposition parties demanding Jameel’s resignation. 
Swapna Suresh, a gold smuggler in the gold smuggling case, accused the minister and said he was interrogated previously by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) with regards to the allegations of his links with the case.
Jameel claimed he received a foreign package containing 300 Qurans from the UAE consulate to be distributed across the state. There are also allegations that these texts were received by violating the protocol and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.
Chennithala further said that the UDF plans for “more vigorous agitation.”